C4 Testosterone Cypionate 250


Hormone content: Testosterone Cypionate
Classification: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid
Presentation: 10mL vial
Dose: 200mg/mL


Name: Testosterone Cypionate 250
Manufacturer: C4 Pharmaceuticals
Contains: Testosterone Cypionate

Using legitimate steroids in bodybuilding and other sports has always been a concern for the players as well as the competitors. Although we just cannot deny that the use of legitimate steroid has gone viral among the players irrespective of their sports type. Any intermediate and advanced bodybuilder does know the importance of testosterone while achieving something great for the overall physique. That’s the reason there are very much eager to get the purest form of testosterone from some legitimate steroid Store. Likewise, the name of C4 Testosterone Cypionate 250 has become favorite to a larger section of bodybuilders as well as athletes.

What is it Actually?
Testosterone Cypionate is actually a long-acting version of testosterone hormone with an attachment of an ester called Cypionate. This ester actually helps to delay of the best testosterone in the human body. That is why it is very much helpful to develop muscles and bones of a male bodybuilder. Additionally, it is the key steroid that flourishes the characteristics specific to male and specifically their sexual traits.

How Does it Work?
After you inject this long-acting version of this Test in your body it starts to release at a very slow pace in the body. It is only one or two days after the injection taken, testosterone starts to release steadily over the next 12 days and then it continues till 3rd week. Other than developing muscles and bones this steroid can be a beneficial supplement since it can increase fat loss, gain and maintaining lean muscle mass, enhance energy, immunity, and libido.

Right Dosage:
Needless to say, this kind of stuff that is always recommended first used anabolic steroid even for beginners in bodybuilding career. You can use this in a very flexible manners depending upon your goals and objectives. Bodybuilders across the border prefer using this for multiple reasons such as cutting, bulking and lean muscle mass etc. Dosage ranges between 50 to 70 mg per week; do not overdose the steroid without the instruction of your experience physician otherwise, it can fetch some adverse effects for you.