C4 Tri-Test 400


Testosterone Decanoate 160mg
Testosterone Enanthate 120mg
Testosterone Cypionate 120mg


Name: Tri-Test 400
Manufacturer: C4 Pharmaceuticals
Contains:Testosterone Decanoate 160mg, Testosterone Enanthate 120mg, Testosterone Cypionate 120mg

Do you feel down in the dumps when you feel that you are yet to pull off the body shape that you have always dreamt of! Then possibly you have searched a lot for a reliable supplement such as testosterone 400 so many times. Well, almost every intermediate and advanced bodybuilder must have known about this specific steroid since it has been very much advantageous to all of them while ensuring their indomitable presence in the competition. C4 pharmaceuticals has come up with an amazing blend of C4 tri-test 400 that has an inimitable combination of three types of different esters in different quantity.

A Perfect Blend:
C4 tri-test 400 consists of Testosterone Decanoate of 160 mg, Testosterone Enanthate 120 mg and Testosterone Cypionate of 120 mg.

Brief info on Testosterone 400:
Well, this kind of steroid is ultimately a new kind of commercial as well as synthetic testosterone that can be used to a large extent by numerous body builders as well as athletes who long for increasing their muscle mass, performance together through more developed endurance power. Other than this, doctors often recommend this product while the diagnosis of hypogonadism- that is believed to have a huge impact on the quality of life. Needless to say, its overwhelming impact on the body builders and athletes has made it very widespread among all of these professionals. And why not! After all, it can deliver a large amount of the hormone per ml and that’s the reason this type of steroid is considered to be the best as well as highest concentrated testosterone blend, produced till today.

Recommended Dosage:
In spite of being a very popular steroid, using these injections without a proper supervision of an experienced physician is totally forbidden since it can fetch a number of unprecedented side effects and adverse reactions on your body. Hence always consult a physician before deciding any amount of such steroid.