C4 Winstrol 50mg


Contains :
Stanazolol (Winstrol) 50mg
50 Tablets
Stealth Pouche packs

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Name: Winstrol 10mg
Manufacturer: C4 Pharmaceuticals
Contains: Stanazolol (Winstrol) 50mg x 50 Tablets

C4 Pharma Winstrol 50mg is a high dose extremely popular oral cutting Ananbolic Steroid. Winstrol – Stanozolol is a very commonly used Anabolic steroid for cutting cycles. This compound is unique, as it is available in both oral form as well as injectable form. Both forms contain the exact same compound, but injecting this compound is superior to ingesting it orally in terms of nitrogen retention and you would also image ,for overall anabolism. Injecting it also has the advantage of avoiding the “first pass” through your liver and places the liver under less stress.

Winstrol is taken by athletes and bodybuilders often before competition and especially bodybuilders when preparing for a show. It will be ran at the end of a cycle giving the body a hard vascular grainy look and is well know for its ability to get people ripped.

Winstrol 50mg – Side Effects

Fairly well tollerated but in higher doses if prone users can experience acne oily skin and it will shut you down. PCT is always recommended.

Winstrol 50mg – Dosage/Stacking/Results

50mg Daily (Female) NOT Recommended

50mg – 100mg Daily (Male)