Cytomel T3


Liothyronine Sodium 100 mcg



Name: Cytomel T3
Manufacturer: Hilma Bicoare
Contains: 25mcg x 50 Tablets

Cytomel (liothyronine sodium)

The substance known as Cytomel is a synthetic hormone of the T3 type. For those unfamiliar, T3 hormones are not produced directly by the thyroid gland, but instead are derived from the conversion of the T4 thyroid hormone.

T3 in its natural state regulates the oxidative metabolism of food stored as fat, muscle and glycogen utilizing the mitochondria. Mitochondria produce ATP, which is the primary way that your cells are energized through chemical reactions that allow your muscles to do work. Cytomel, as a supplemental T3, enhances the ability of the mitochondria to intake nutrients by increasing the activity of all of the enzymes present, thus moving the entire process along much more quickly. More fuel with increased speed equals greater work done; increasing your body’s need for energy, and burning fats that much more quickly.

In the event that you are in a hyper caloric state, that means the amount of ATP in your system will increase, and this increase in ATP activity means that your overall metabolic activity will increase as well. Up, up and up, if you will. The only thing to be aware of is that if you aren’t already taking anabolic steroids with your Cytomel, however, you run the risk that the chemical processes may begin to eat away at muscle rather than fat. Your mitochondria do not care what they are breaking down, be it fat or muscle, but their function is simply to do the process quickly and efficiently. That means your body must be in the right state of balance to get the results you are looking for from a combination of steroids and Cytomel.

Another side effect of Cytomel is that it increases your body’s ability to synthesize protein, but once again, you must make sure that you have the right mix in your system; otherwise it may act as a catabolic. Cytomel is often the last substance added to a mix in a pre-competition diet, and its purpose is to get rid of those last few body fat percentage points that can mean the difference between a win and a loss. This last layer of fat is often known as “sticky fat” in the bodybuilding community, and is a tremendous source of frustration.

It is important to note that one side effect of Cytomel use is that T3 also results in increased growth hormone production. This needs to be kept in mind during use, and it is highly recommended that you use anabolic steroids as well during the process to avoid negating increased nitrogen retention. To get absolutely the best results in the minimal amount of time, you can use a cocktail of insulin, T3, anabolic steroids, and GH, all within the realm of reason. Each cause and effect should keep all of the others balanced out.

After you finish taking Cytomel, there is a fear that your thyroid will not function properly again. As far as any professional can tell, this is a myth, so with proper use of the substances, there should not be a problem.