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Name: Clenbuterol
Manufacturer: Zuche Pharmaceuticals
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Many bodybuilders and athletes use Clenbuterol because of its ability to stimulate beta-2 receptors which are known to assist the body burn and shed fat. In fact, many foreign veterinarians use Clenbuterol, often referred to as Clen, to help amplify livestock’s lean yield. Despite its proven effectiveness on the foreign market, the USDA has prohibited veterinarians from using Clen because of its extra long shelf life and inclination to remain active even after long periods without consumption.

Clen has also shown promise as an effective asthma medication but the FDA has not approved its use, opting for a similar but substantially less-active version called Albuterol instead.

Today, Clen is most commonly used to help lose fat because it because it effectively transforms FM, or Fat Mass to FFM or Fat Free Mass. Some side effects have been reported including a slight decrease in appetite as well as a minimal increase in body temperature while sweating, shaking and anxiety have also been noted.

Few trials investigating the effect of Clenbuterol on humans exist, although animal-based studies are available. Non-human studies have provided insight but most research remains inconclusive mainly because human beta-receptor concentrations and types vary greatly from those found in animals.

Studies have shown Clen has a positive metabolic influence thanks to its anabolic properties. Unfortunately, most animal-based studies include huge doses in comparison with what an average human dose would measure out at.

One study examined the effect on horses that took human-size doses of Clenbuterol. The horses’ exercise regimes were equivalent to that of an average human and results showed a significant decrease in both fat mass (almost 20% less) and fat percentage (a 17.6% decrease). Surprisingly, an even greater decrease during week six was found. This is especially curious because typical Clen administration includes alternating two weeks of taking it with two weeks without. This could be because Clenbuterol loses its effectiveness in most people after 14 days. The substantial increase in effectiveness during week six raises the possibility that Clen may actually become more effective after prolonged periods of consecutive consumption.

For most people, Clenbuterol seems to become noticeably less effective within two weeks. This is because the beta-adrenergic receptors of the cardiac, pulmonary and nervous systems become desensitized to the effects of Clenbuterol.

Consuming Benadryl or Ketotifen during week three or four of Clen administration can help counteract the dormant period that tends to show up within a couple weeks. Do keep in mind these are strong anti-histamines that can cause drowsiness. So, try to take them before bed.

Clenbuterol has been linked to heart issues including ventricle enlargement but this connection has only been made in animal-based studies. Granted the specimens were administered doses similar to normal human levels, but animals have greater concentrations of beta-2 receptors than humans which means the effect Clen has on animals may not necessarily equate to similar results in humans.

Because it does reduce taurine levels, consuming a taurine supplement in conjunction with Clen may be worth considering.

Strangely, some studies indicate that Clenbuterol reduces cardiovascular performance during exercise while other experiments demonstrate Clen’s positive effects to alleviate asthma issues induced by exercise.

Determining an appropriate Clenbuterol dose is easy as you have the freedom to increase and decrease dose sizes accordingly. Just remember to never take more than 200mcgs per day.

To being take a 20mcgs dose when you wake up. If you feel little or no of the earlier mentioned side effects, take another 20mcgs dose two more times throughout the day. Again, only do so if side effects are minimal or nonexistent.

If after taking the recommended dose you experience strong negative side effects, decrease dose size until you feel comfortable. When you begin to feel no side effects, gradually increase the dose and continue taking Clen three times per day.

Be sure to monitor your blood pressure while taking Clenbuterol, making sure it remains below 140 over 90 and decrease portions if you experience negative side effects.